With its own products of Built-In Laundry Lack,

Nano Platech turns to overseas market

"The existing mold industry has mainly been doing business of producing parts ordered from other companies. We needed a new production system to become a traditional corporation in the root industry. With our own R&D products, we are now looking for a new niche market."

Nano Platech (CEO Ham Tae-Seok) started business as the injection molding maker in 2001. Most injection molding companies used to manufacture products ordered from external companies, but CEO Ham has switched the system of making its own name products.

The new system is a result of his efforts to make a leap toward a traditional corporation in the root industry. Fifteen years later since the opening of the company, the sales volume of its own product surpassed more than 70% of the order-based production sales.


"If we keep doing business only with products ordered from other companies, the sales will be very vulnerable to the economy and market volatility," he said. "We wanted to make a more stable and strong company by developing of our own products."

One of Nano Platech's leading R&D products is 'built-in laundry hanger.' Recently, the surge of single-person households makes a new consumption trend. Furniture and household goods which can save time and space as much as possible are attracting many customers’ attention.

He developed a laundry hanger that overcame the space constraints especially in a single room residential area. The hanger is made for maximizing the efficiency of the space, and when not in use it can be stored out of sight between any furniture.

In September last year, Nano Platech completed the mold making process from the design development of the built-in type clothes hanger.


Since then, Nano Platech supplied the built-in rack to Sejong City model houses and Daejeon city one room complexes through Hansem Corporation. They also supplied to Daejeon citizen supporters’ group as well as college housing complexes.

Now, Nano Platech turned to advance into overseas markets. Hong Kong is the first country in which Ham targets for. At the '2016 Hong Kong Mega Show', Nano Polatech introduced 'built-in laundry hanger' for the first time.

CEO Ham said, "The CEO and manager of PL, which owns the biggest store in Hong Kong and China, showed high interest in our built-in type hanger. We will continue to explore overseas market by addressing buyers' diverse and detailed product needs.”


"I felt that it is most important that the Manufacturing-based industry should explore further foreign market trends and find out their demand," he said. "We will listen to the needs of all our customers. In addition to developing our own products and brands, we will do our best to make mutual growth with our customers," he added.

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