Kangdong Tech meets 4 local buyer for meetings in Jakarta

Outstanding quality acknowledged···potentials for penetrating the Indonesian market examined with the expected SMI adoption


Daejeon injection mold company confidently threw down the gauntlet amidst low-cost Chinese products and highly priced global company products. A visit was made at the meeting venue between 4 Indonesian companies and Kangdong Tech (CEO Hong Chun Gang) that was held under the support of RIS for DIE & Mold Industry in Daejeon City (President Cho Jae Heung). 

The meetings that were held over the 13th and 14th last month confirmed the excellence of Kangdong Tech's LED products and the possibility of penetrating the Indonesian market. The local companies acknowledged the outstanding quality and proposed a collaborative relationship by making adjustments to the specification, price and others.


Kangdong Tech (CEO Hong Chun Gang), which began as a conventional mold company that developed and produced plastic products since 1997, is a small hidden champion equipped with technology competitiveness in the field of LED indoor lighting as a result of engaging in bold investments in research and development in the LED lighting industry since 2007.

중국에서 제조한 제품(좌)와 LED 램프 시장을 선점하고 있는 필립스 매장(우).<사진=강민구 기자>


The population of 250 million reside in Indonesia and ranking 15th place in area and GDP, it is one of the countries with great potentials for economic growth. According to a local official, regions excluding Jakarta is suffering from electric power shortage. Due to frequent black-outs, regulation on the total amount of electrical products has been implemented and following such, electricity consumption is a sensitive issue. This phenomenon has become an opportunity factor for quick expansion of LED dissemination as it is able to save electricity while shifting away from incandescent light, fluorescent light and compact fluorescent light. 


◆ Market dominated by foreign household LEDs such as Philips···Search for technology partnership such as SMPS


The first company visited locally, Sistmatik, is a company with annual turnover of KRW1.2 billion with 15 years of experience in distribution industry and 2 years of experience in LED industry. Usually, LED parts are being imported from China for distribution and the company is highly interested in large-size LED advertisement boards. It was one of the passionate companies by personally searching for Kangdong Tech before the buyer's meeting to request for an arrangement. Not satisfied with the quality of Chinese products when the company was highly interested in large-size LED advertisement boards, it turned to Korean products that had outstanding quality although slightly expensive.


"I am well aware of the excellence of Korean products. However, because branded companies such as Philips and Osram have positioned themselves in the Indonesian market, we are targeting the specialized lighting field such as large-size advertisement boards. Many have been disappointed with the Chinese products so I think it would be good to bring in products from Korea."


A demonstration of Kangdong Tech's LED products took place. CEO Hong Chun Gang personally demonstrated the LED lamp and explained the outstanding aspects of the products. In particular, he proposed to search for cooperative measures for production support in a long-term perspective centered on SMPS.


The key characteristic of the product developed by Kangdong Tech is the application of Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) that has been developed with in-house technology. It is able to freely change the voltage check output up to 90~242V (Full Free Voltage) so customers would be able to utilize it at a desired voltage within the range.


CEO Alwi Saronmihardja emphasized that there was a possibility if sales channels were identified in outskirts besides Jakarta which is already saturated with competition among companies. Suppose an office is set up for marketing activities in Surabaya, also referred to as the second capital of Indonesia and that itself would be a new opportunity.


CEO Alwi stated that "Currently, Chinese products are used for LED lamp parts but American products are used for the chip to assemble. I am willing to replace them with Korean products depending on the price" and that "I will send the required specification in detail through e-mail so that we can search for cooperative measures."


Next, a meeting with Dazz, established by technicians who used to work at Philips, took place. They show great interest in the LED lamp that was able to reduce the unit price by using radiating plastic special material jointly developed by LG Chemical's research team. The biggest attraction was that it was able to reduce the price by half when compared to Philips products. Various questions on the product lifespan, A/S warranty period, possibility of watt change, price adjustment and others were answered. The officials from Dazz seemed satisfied as they punched the calculator.


Mr. Budi Santo highlighted that "As it is difficult to place large quantity order in the initial stage due to issues such as price, I hope that the company would consider measures to expand by starting on small quantity orders in the initial stage" and that "As the conditions that customers look for vary such as high quality and low price, if both parties could collaborate on segmentalizing them, I think there is sufficient potential."

강동테크는 인도네시아 자카르타에서 진행된 바이어들과의 미팅을 통해 향후 협력 가능성을 확인했다.<사진=강민구 기자>


On the following day, Kangdong Tech made a visit to 3Light company in the morning. Questions and answers on product lifespan, durability, internal composition and others continued in order to verify the product. The local person in charge of design demonstrated the LED module which was being manufactured through a Chinese company. Indirect lighting such as down light and until now, there isn't a big problem. If the quality is outstanding at similar price, it intends to look into it actively.


With SSL, the last company of the meeting, discussion on bulb, tube, highway and lighting parts took place. In particular, the relevant officials were very keen in the system lighting device integrated with IoT.


Recently, the number of people looking for device to adjust LED brightness is increasing but they have yet to secure products. In such a situation, the products of Kangdong Tech enables group control for over 100 devices and the advantage is that it emits less heat.


The relevant company official stated that "We are interested in the specifications related to straight type of fluorescent lamp and we hope to discuss further."


After the meetings with 4 Indonesian companies, Hong Chun Gang, CEO of Kangdong Tech stated that "Due to the characteristics of LED market in Indonesia, a lot of Chinese companies have penetrated the market so rather than targeting the low price market with price competitiveness, I was able to confirm the possibility in special products such as street lamps and external lamps" and that "Although we need to wait and see further because some companies were small, I think as for Dazz, it is likely that business would succeed through products that could replace global companies like Philips."


CEO Hong added that "As it is difficult to secure an upper hand in terms of price when compared to other products, I think there is potential if we could provide the technology according to the customer's requirements then assemble the products locally" and that "Unlike the market in Vietnam that has intense competition, I believe the Indonesian market is attractive as it is." 

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With its own products of Built-In Laundry Lack,

Nano Platech turns to overseas market

"The existing mold industry has mainly been doing business of producing parts ordered from other companies. We needed a new production system to become a traditional corporation in the root industry. With our own R&D products, we are now looking for a new niche market."

Nano Platech (CEO Ham Tae-Seok) started business as the injection molding maker in 2001. Most injection molding companies used to manufacture products ordered from external companies, but CEO Ham has switched the system of making its own name products.

The new system is a result of his efforts to make a leap toward a traditional corporation in the root industry. Fifteen years later since the opening of the company, the sales volume of its own product surpassed more than 70% of the order-based production sales.


"If we keep doing business only with products ordered from other companies, the sales will be very vulnerable to the economy and market volatility," he said. "We wanted to make a more stable and strong company by developing of our own products."

One of Nano Platech's leading R&D products is 'built-in laundry hanger.' Recently, the surge of single-person households makes a new consumption trend. Furniture and household goods which can save time and space as much as possible are attracting many customers’ attention.

He developed a laundry hanger that overcame the space constraints especially in a single room residential area. The hanger is made for maximizing the efficiency of the space, and when not in use it can be stored out of sight between any furniture.

In September last year, Nano Platech completed the mold making process from the design development of the built-in type clothes hanger.


Since then, Nano Platech supplied the built-in rack to Sejong City model houses and Daejeon city one room complexes through Hansem Corporation. They also supplied to Daejeon citizen supporters’ group as well as college housing complexes.

Now, Nano Platech turned to advance into overseas markets. Hong Kong is the first country in which Ham targets for. At the '2016 Hong Kong Mega Show', Nano Polatech introduced 'built-in laundry hanger' for the first time.

CEO Ham said, "The CEO and manager of PL, which owns the biggest store in Hong Kong and China, showed high interest in our built-in type hanger. We will continue to explore overseas market by addressing buyers' diverse and detailed product needs.”


"I felt that it is most important that the Manufacturing-based industry should explore further foreign market trends and find out their demand," he said. "We will listen to the needs of all our customers. In addition to developing our own products and brands, we will do our best to make mutual growth with our customers," he added.

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Ktaewoo Strives for Competitiveness of the Industry with R&D Investment,

CEO Sun-Ho Lee Hopes to Inspire More Young Workers to Challenge the Root Industry


 이선호 케이태우 대표가 자체 개발한 금형장비 R&D 쾌거를 설명하고 있다.<사진=박성민 기자>

“Molding industry, a root industry or key to the competitiveness of manufacturing sector is gradually losing its business ground. However, Ktaewoo will continue to strive to develop a new product through strenuous R&D efforts. I would like to make this molding business sustainable as the nation’s solid foundation of manufacturing sector. That is my business mission.” (Sun-Ho Lee, CEO of Ktaewoo)

Lee, who dedicated his business career to the molding and injection molding industries for more than four decades, founded the Ktaewoo in 2004. The company mainly focuses on molding, precision design, precision parts process, injection molding.

In general, most molding and injection molding companies make their products out of the parts they ordered from other companies. Thus, business focus put on the sales revenue rather than investment in the in-house R&D.

However, he hopes to carry on the molding industry as the backbone of the nation’s manufacturing sector by creating a new value while making strenuous R&D efforts. Ktaewoo’s such R&D efforts finally bore fruit.  Last year, they succeeded in developing “vacuum pressure device.”

Lee said that, “If we just stick to the old business way, our future will be in doubt. I would like to make a new molding industry environment more attractive to young workers.”


Development of ‘Vacuum Pressure Device’ for Zero Defective Rate


이선호 케이태우 대표가 자체 개발한 진공가압장치를 조작하고 있다.<사진=박성민 기자>

“How to lower the defective rate is a big challenge plaguing all the people working at this industry. I think when we attach or embed “vacuum pressure device” into the existing molding and injection molding equipment, the defective rate will significantly be on the decline. We made it through two-year R&D efforts.


Vacuum pressure device made by Ktaewoo is an equipment pressuring a product simultaneously while vacuuming in the process of molding or injection molding. Existing equipment gets through separating pressuring and vacuuming processes. However, the simultaneous operation of two functions will eventually lead to productivity efficiency. Accordingly, the vacuum pressuring devices will lower defective rate, a chronic problem of manufacturing industry, while saving the process time and labor work.

The newly developed vacuum pressuring devices could be only used with oxygen, unlike the existing pressuring devices using of nitrogen gas. For nitrogen pressuring device, it nitrogen tanks should be replaced whenever out of gas. However, the vacuum pressuring device more conveniently carries with self-charge system.

Lee also said that, “The perfect product of molding and injection molding should turn out to be highly transparent without any impurities. Those impurities are usually made when pressuring and vacuuming separately. However, with this new device, we can significantly decrease the defective rate by maintaining stable and identical injection condition.”

He said the device is now pending for commercialization early next year. “We already finalized the all the legal procedures for landing the market. I am so thrilled to show that the molding industry’s R&D also can make an impact to the industry.

To advance into the Southeast Asian market

“The defective rate of molding and injection molding equipment in Vietnam stands at about 80%. When using the Ktaewoo-made vacuum pressuring device, the defective rate will be declined by 10 %.

Ktaewoo now looks for Southeast Asian market. Lee said that the vacuum pressuring device will work better in the hot and humid weather in the region.

“Molding and injection molding in the humid condition will lead to massive defected products. However, the pre-set identical manufacturing condition of vacuum pressuring devices will make products more solidly through drying process, overcoming the weather condition.

Ktaewoo is making every effort to expand the overseas markets by joining many international manufacturing conferences such as Thai conference every year. Last year, Lee launched the ‘Overseas Marketing Team’ to further explore the foreign buyers and markets.

Lee said, “Buyers from Southeast Asia regions are very interested in improving the defective rate. I think our Overseas Marketing Team will play a significant role in expanding our market. We are sounding out our product feasibility in the region.”

Lee feels he should foster the young workers who will commit themselves to this root industry. He now has been teaching at the “Root Industry and Molding Specialist Course” co-organized by Daejeon City and the Root Industry Creative Innovation Research(
뿌리산업 창조혁신 연구원) from 2014.

“This industry will disappear if we fail to foster competent young workers. I would like to inspire them to challenge this root industry. For young generation’s future career as well as for the industry, I am doing my utmost to help them understand diverse industry perspectives such as technology, market, and entrepreneurship.”

He added, “I hope the technology and product of Ktaewoo will motivate enough many young workers to work in the industry. Thus, I want to further contribute to more job creations and industry education. I will continue to challenge myself for carrying on the root industry.


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RIS for Die and Mold Industry in Deajeon City Hosts Business Exchange Meeting,

Field Trips to LSIS Chongju Smart Factory, Kiheung in Daeduk



"Field trips to LSIS and KiHeung gave me a very precious opportunity to see the metal designing and manufacturing processes. I could confirm their technological prowess and manufacturing excellence. I think the trip motivated me enough to pursue a career at the industry.” (Sun-Jun Lee, trainee at the Root Industry Research Institute)

We need to establish a regional cluster of mold industry, a root industry in the nation. For fostering the industry, we also need to enhance R&D and its own product developing capacity. We should create attractive working environment to recruit more young and competitive workers. All concerned parties of the industry should be cooperative for fostering the industry.


RIS for Die and Mold Industry in Deajeon City hosted an RIS business exchange meeting on Sept. 2, in an effort to promote the mold industry as the nation’s root of manufacturing industry.


LS산전을 둘러보는 RIS사업단 일행.<사진=조은정 기자>


The meeting, co-organized by Daejeon city, university, and the Root Industry Research Institute, served as an opportunity to form a consensus to foster the root industry. In addition, the field trip to LSIS and KiHeung gave the industry trainees hands-on experience to better understand their future work and career.


LSIS Chongju Factory has taken the lead in the eco-friendly power and automatic solution areas. The smart system of LSIS inspired enough the trainees to challenge the new working areas of Smart Factory.


Smart factory is referred to an entire manufacturing process from the developing a product to mass production including the order from the mother company to end-product shipment. Smart Grid or intelligence power grid is the next generation power grid best optimized for improving energy efficiency.

The smart factory tour was guided by LSIS manager Chong-Chul Cho. “The entire factory process is organically linked to make standardization of production as well as packaging. The machinery now takes over about 80 % of manual working process, improving the production efficiency by 30 % with almost zero fraction defective rate,” Manager Cho explained.

The tour group also visited Kiheung in Daeduk. Since its founding in 1968, the company continued to make technological innovation in the areas of milling machine and universal head for advancing into the global market.

 기흥기계 탐방을 마치고.<사진=조은정 기자>

You-Bin Im, trainee at the Root Industry Research Institute said, “I look forward to further development of the mold industry in Daejeon. The trip gave me confidence that the working at this industry in this region will be very rewarding. I hope more trainees will take advantage of this series of field trips to have a hand-on experience of the mold industry.”


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[KD Tech]


KD Tech emerged as a small but strong company of indoor lighting infused with convergence technology


Now seeking for new markets of Japan, Southeast Asia, and Central and South Americas


Mr.A working at the factory administration department turned off the 1st and 2nd product lines with his smartphone application when he got off. Using his app controller, he turned the brightness of light to 40 from 100 with warm orange color at his office where one night shift worker will be left. (A case of smart factory working environment)


Development of wireless communication devices led to the era of IoT(Internet Of Things). Especially, as smartphone emerges as a common way to turn on and off the lighting, the areas of home automation and smart office and factory are gaining traction.


KD Tech, a plastic mold manufacture (CEO Hong Chun Gang) was founded in 1997. Thanks to R&D investment in the LED lighting industry since 2007, KD Tech now takes a leap forward to become a small but strong corporation in the LED indoor lighting industry with is solid technological competitiveness.


Leading Technological Edge of Embedded Automatic Voltage Setting Adapter Systems



KD Tech, with its unequalled prowess in power supply unit board design technology, have a system that can manufacture various lightings of inner-and outer-mounted types from its designing to end product.


The R&D Center at the company is leading the technological innovation for making new product designing, and accreditation of the products in and out of Korea.


KD Tech’s most products are applied into SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply), the company’s original technology. The voltage check output is designed to make it available to control within full free voltage (90~242V) as much as the customers want.


They are also developing self-circuit in consideration of safety control, EMI·EMC, automatic brighting control technology.


All lightings’ size and shape are designed to be customized and compatible with most bulbs and products in sales. In special, KD Tech’s products are all applied into Thermal 2-step safety circuit as well as thermal resistance parts calculated by each MTBF. Such technological competitiveness brought out to ensure all KD Tech’s products to have more than 10-year product durability in households.


When using smartphones, it is possible to utilize about 400 group controlling and two-step safety controlling technologies. Currently, voice recognition system to turn on and off is at the final going to have a sample test.


KD Tech LED Director Song Yeong Bin said, “We mainly focused on the mold and injection. However, we just turned to the areas of LED parts case manufacturing in collaboration with one of our partner companies. At the demo held at the University of Toronto in 2007, our effort for LED lamp efficiency improvement has been highly recognized. Such recognition encouraged us to make a daring investment in the areas.”


Song said, “We have strong advantage in mold design manufacturing. With this technology basis, we are designing and producing independently from the LED circuit in all consideration of Thermal 2-step safety circuit, electromagnetic wave shield. Especially, we are self-supplying key parts such as filters by making in collaboration with our partners.

Earned Product Credibility Through Accreditation from Korea, US, and Japan

- Now Eyes for South East Asia and Central Americas


KD Tech makes world-class level outer and embedded products. In order to ensure the credibility and safety of the products, the company earned the technological recognition of their products through gaining the leading global accreditation such as KS, KC, PSE, JQA, UL.


KD Tech also spares no marketing effort to advance into foreign markets, participating diverse exhibitions in Hong Kong’s spring electronic fair in 2014, Korea Kintex LED & OLED Expo in 2015, and Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition.


At the Chinese exhibition, KD Tech presented a lighting with a caricature of Korean movie star and demonstrated the voice recognition product, while gaining wide interests from the local people and participating companies. Meanwhile, Southeast Asian markets show strong interest in the light-dependent painting, FPL fluorescent lighting.


Song said his company expects that this year’s sales will reach about 8 billion KRW from 4.4 billion KRW last year. KD Tech exports mainly to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines and will make every effort to advance into Central American region such as Guatemala.


KD Tech now targets for home automation market. For completion of this technology, the company will strive to seek for companies whose strong technological advantage is in the area of flat light, downlight, and FPL lightings and will continue to make collaboration with them.


They said they will make every effort to further develop the voice recognition system.


“For our high-end technology development, we are strenuously make collaboration with government-funded research institutes, universities, and lighting companies. We want to be a world best LED lighting maker through strenuous R&D and technology innovation.”


TD Tech mainly exports about 8 billion KRW products to countries including Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines. Thy now target Central America such as Guatemala. Their sales in 2017 will be expected to reach 15 billion KRW. (END)


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지난 11월 29일에 열린 2012 하반기 RIS사업 워크숍에서 지역연고산업육성사업 우수사례 시상식이 있었습니다.

"2012 지역특화 베스트상품전"에서 소비자 투표를 통해 IT부품 분야 베스트 상품으로 선정되어

저희 대전금형RIS사업단이 한국산업기술진흥원장상을 수상하였습니다.^^앗싸




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지난 11월 29일에 열린 2012 하반기 RIS사업 워크숍에서 지역연고산업육성사업 우수사례 시상식이 있었습니다.

"2012 지역특화 베스트상품전"에서 소비자 투표를 통해 IT부품 분야 베스트 상품으로 선정되어

저희 대전금형RIS사업단이 한국산업기술진흥원장상을 수상하였습니다.^^참잘했어요




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